Paving the way for liquid biopsy



Liquid Biopsy

A minimally invasive method of testing for biomarkers of cancer and other diseases, liquid biopsy can sidestep costly and stressful surgical procedures. All you need are blood or other body fluid samples and sensitive and specific solutions to detect and analyze circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA), cell-free miRNA, exosomes and circulating tumor cells (CTCs).
QIAGEN offers robust, efficient and streamlined solutions to empower your research through liquid biopsy. From collection through analysis, our solutions help to standardize your processes and advance biomarker discovery for early detection, monitoring or guided treatment with precision medicine.

Learn about your analytes – focus on miRNA or exosomes

From cell-free miRNA to your next big discovery – everything you need to study circulating, cell-free miRNA


When exosomes talk, cells listen – learn the talk of exosomes and communicate your findings to the world


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